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Update 1220

Posted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:11 pm
by nsche
Update 1220 is now available. It has a number of desirable added features.
1 - Disallow nil value for extra charge: Previously you could create an extra charge which had a null value for the charge. This would eventually cause the system to put up an error screen. Now an error is detected when the extra definition or change is made and the value is not put into the database.
2 - Update copyright.
3 - Improve handling of storage rates.
4 - Notify users if cookies are not enabled: Open Campground is not usable if cookies are disabled. Cookies must be enabled although third party cookies are not used so it does not constitute a real security problem. You can set up an exception for the host the Open Campground server is on and disable cookies for all others. An error message will be displayed if you attempt to use the system without enabling cookies.
5 - Improvements in update download process. Some small changes have been made in the update download process which have made big differences in the time it takes to download an update. In my tests in one test I downloaded a set of three fairly big updates. It took over 20 minutes with the old code. It took about 2 minutes with the new. The difference you see will primarily depend on the speed of your processor and disk. If they are very fast you may see an improvement of 5 times, if they are slower you may see a 10 or 15 times difference. I decreased the work that was needed on the system being updated.
6 - Improve functioning of available count and reserve by week. Corrected some errors in how these function.
7 - Minor improvements in remote reservations.
8 - Provide mechanizm to secure cookies and sessions. Previously all of the systems used the same value to secure and validate the cookies. This is a security risk if you are on the internet. This change enables you to set the cookie value. See admin->setup->Security Settings to generate and save the values.
9 - Correct non-working reservation by week.
10 - Improve change date function.

Re: Update 1220

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:26 pm
by pdonovan
We are running 1219. When I go to Admin/Updates the system says there are no updates available.


Re: Update 1220

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:36 pm
by nsche
Sounds like a bug. I will be investigating but sounds like the test must have gotten wrong. :(