Update 1438

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Update 1438

Postby nsche » Tue Jun 28, 2016 3:40 pm

A new update is now available. To access it just go to admin->updates and the process will take off from there.

Included in this update are:
An ability to show or download the campers in a group was added to the groups display.
The capability was added to delete a reservation that has illegal values causing crashes.
Changes that will allow the use of ssl (secure browser) were added. This currently works only on the apache server with passenger (Linux only) and requires a valid SSL certificate.
An additional private camper info field was added.
A problem with subtotaling on the payments report was corrected.
The capability to purge a reservation completely from the system was added.
The appearance of measured charges was changed to show significant digits of the rate.
An active attribute was added to most setup tables.
The User Manual was updated.
The optional capability use discounts on remote reservations was added.
Other small changes to enhance performance, usability and reliability normally not visible to the user were made.
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