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Update 1275

Posted: Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:50 pm
by nsche
A new update to Open Campground is now available. To install it go to admin->updates in Open Campground and the process will proceed from there.

The update includes corrections to a number of minor errors and some enhancements to the displays. Following is a summary of the most visible changes:

Add translations on error messages -Most error and status messages are now available for translations but the translation text is not
Corrected condition where <em>occasional extra has both charges and daily_charges - this resulted in double charging on occasional extras.
Add option for display of extras on remote - You can now select for each extra whether to show it on remote reservation page. Default is true.
Add display of map to find space - An option is now added in setup->system options to show a campground map on the find space page. Separate options and maps are specified for the office and remote display (if used). See setup->Map to download the maps. Jpg and png are supported.
Implemention of integration for first data - The First Data payment gateway is now usable in addition to PayPal as a payment gateway for remote reservations.
Enhance transactions report to include changes
Add created for measured extras - a created date has been added to measured extra charges in addition to the updated date.
Add payment and due to mail message - Payment and amount due are now available to include in mail confirmation messages.
Add vehicle license optionally to reservation lists - The vehicle license number can optionally be shown on the reservation lists. Select the option in setup->system options.

A complete list of all of the files changed is available on