Update 1236

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Update 1236

Postby nsche » Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:11 pm

Another update is available. This update has a few changes that some users ave requested and the usual number of behind the scenes changes that you never knew you really needed.

Changes are as follows:
    - Make rate stay with measured extra entry. This will let you change the rates for metered electricity and the old charges will keep their rate while the new charges will have the new rate.
    - Enable display of charges for sched arr report. Payments are showable on the scheduled arrivals report as in the reservation list.
    - Improve logging and force session change with version update. Improved update reliability.
    - Minor correction to system options edit.
    - Correct incorrect display of some charges.
    - Add formatting for window envelope. Now you can format a receipt from the show/confirm page in such a manner the address will show up in the correct place to fit a window envelope.
    - Improve presentation of extras on remote reservation.
    - Correct problems in handling camper id number.
    - Add sort capability for sitetype, rigtype, discount, extra, tax, creditcard, recommenders, country. This will let you control the order used to display these items in selection dropdowns.
As admin user (if using logins) go to admin->updates to get this set of changes. Make sure you do a backup before you do this or any update!
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