Changes in update 1207

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Changes in update 1207

Postby nsche » Tue Mar 18, 2014 4:10 pm

This update had a lot of minor changes and fixes for infrequently encountered errors but the major changes are these three:

Enhance space creation: The admin->setup->spaces->new space process has been improved. Now when you select new space a form pops up in the same window. In that form you do the normal process of creating a space. You fill in the blanks and hit the create button and the list comes up with that space now added at the bottom of the list. The significant change comes when you select the new space button again. The form that pops up will be pre-set with the same settings that you used on the last space (other than name). The basic idea is that when you are defining a bunch of spaces you will probably define all of one type and then go on to all of the next type etc. This enhancement is designed to make your job easier when you are defining a new campground.

Update rails to version 2.3.18: The underlying Ruby on Rails system has been upgraded to version 2.3.18. The changes are all to fix security problems identified by the developers of Rails. None of the problems appear to affect anything used in Open Campground.

Add ability to use your own logo: On the top of pages, other than the login page, at the top left a logo is shown. This has been the Open Campground logo of an open gate. You can now define your own logo that you want to show. You will need a .png file which must be named Logo.png. You will use admin->setup->customize display the bottom function Upload CSS or Image File to read in your logo. It will then be stored in the database and used on each page. It is accessed by name so the name specified is important. The image will be scaled to 46 pixels tall and should be roughly square. This image will be shown on your local pages and on remote pages if you use the Remote Reservation facility.
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